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Teeth Whitening


TEETH WHITENING before and after

Considering whitening your smile? Our professional teeth whitening treatments at EZE Dental can complement your healthy teeth and help them look brighter than they have in years.

Teeth whitening is safe and effective for both adults and teens. We frequently recommend whitening if you’re planning other cosmetic treatments – such as porcelain crowns, dental implants or even veneers – so that new restorations can be matched to the current color of your smile. Starting with a bright base improves your results.

Advantage of Whitening

Many people find that whitening their teeth helps their smile look more youthful and healthy. Compared to other cosmetic treatments, whitening is relatively quick and inexpensive. Especially when you consider that it treats your entire smile at once, rather than just one or two teeth. You can essentially erase multiple shades of stain in just a one-hour appointment.

 ZOOM! Whitening (In-House)

We use ZOOM! Whitening for our in-house treatments. These single-visit whitening sessions brighten your teeth by several shades in about an hour to an hour and a half. By applying the bright light to the whitening agent, we can expedite the stain removal process for maximum results in the least time possible.

Pricing for same-day teeth whitening varies from $400-$600, depending on the individual and the extent of their whitening needs.

 Home Whitening Trays

Custom-fitted whitening trays use professional-grade gel to brighten your teeth or maintain in-house whitening results. We recommend a treatment every 3-4 months to maintain enamel brightness and keep deep stains at bay.

About Tooth Color

TEETH whitening diagram

Enamel is naturally fairly translucent, allowing light to pass through it. The layer underneath the enamel is called dentin and is fairly yellow in color. Some people tend to have denser or more yellow dentin than others, causing their teeth to appear darker than others.

Tooth enamel is also covered in tiny micropores. These “tubules” can attract and collect stain particles from the foods and drinks we consume every day. Additionally, things like environmental factors or tobacco use can also add to stain accumulation.

In rare scenarios, defects in tooth development may alter the color of teeth. Hypoplasia is one example. This condition is caused by decalcification inside of the enamel, leading to chalky white lesions across the surface. Or if a person ingests excess fluoride during tooth development, the enamel may be plagued by various brown spots or pits.

Some of these conditions can be addressed by teeth whitening treatments, while others cannot. Dr. George Okoro will discuss your scenario to determine if whitening is best. If it isn’t, we can present alternative treatments such as dental veneers.

Candidates for Teeth Whitening

The ideal teeth whitening candidate will be an adult or older teen with healthy teeth. We cannot apply whitening agents if there is active decay or gum disease; these conditions will need to be treated first.

Another concern is whether there are tooth-colored restorations (like crowns or fillings) in your smile zone. If so, updated treatment will be necessary to ensure the restoration matches the teeth after whitening. Ceramics and porcelain do not bleach out like enamel does; they remain a constant, steady color.

Keep Your Smile Bright

To extend the results of your teeth whitening treatment, you’ll want to adjust some of your day-to-day habits. Sipping on red wine or coffee can cause your teeth to re-stain more quickly. Dr. Okoro will want to talk to you about your expectations to ensure whitening is the best treatment for your circumstances. A take-home maintenance kit may be the best way to touch up your whitening between checkups and extend the results of an in-house treatment.

What About Sensitivity?

Some people are more prone to experience sensitivity after whitening. If you have generally sensitive teeth, please be sure to let us know. We can adjust the strength of the gel used and how much is applied to minimize any discomfort. At-home whitening may also be a good alternative, as it can be applied less frequently.

Factors like gum recession and enamel erosion can compound the risk of tooth sensitivity. As such, Dr. Okoro will perform a thorough evaluation before any whitening agents being administered.

Incorporating a sensitivity toothpaste or fluoride gel into your daily hygiene routine can also help to minimize symptoms.

Is Whitening Right for Me?

Learn more about teeth whitening and what it can do for your smile. Contact our Largo dental office today to reserve a consultation.


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