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Tooth Extraction

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Having a tooth pulled is never anyone’s favorite treatment, but extractions are sometimes necessary to preserve dental health. For residents of Largo, Maryland, Chibueze Okoro, DMD, MSC, of EZE Dental is an outstanding resource for both simple and complex tooth extraction. Booking your visit takes just moments online, or you can always call to check appointment availability.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

What is tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is the process of removing one or more natural teeth. While most baby teeth will come out on their own, extraction is sometimes necessary if a baby tooth becomes lodged in place. Most tooth extractions are performed on adults. 

Dr. Okoro takes a conservative approach to dentistry, preferring to save natural teeth whenever possible. You’ll always learn the pros and cons of all available options before making a treatment decision.

Why would a tooth need to be extracted?

There are many different reasons why a tooth might need to be pulled. Advanced decay is one of the most common reasons for extractions, as there are cases in which restoring the tooth is no longer a viable option. 

Additional reasons for tooth extraction include:

  • Removing wisdom teeth that are trapped beneath the gum line
  • Improving crowding
  • Making room for orthodontic treatment
  • In preparation for certain types of chemotherapy or radiation
  • Removing an infected tooth
  • Preparing for full dentures or All-On-4 dental implants

If any of these conditions are present, Dr. Okoro will discuss all available treatment options, including extraction. 

How are dental extractions performed?

Having an extraction is a far less complicated process than many people expect. When you arrive for your treatment you’ll receive an injection of numbing medication to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the process. 

Once you’re numb, Dr Okoro uses a special dental tool called an elevator to loosen the connection between tooth and bone. In some cases the tooth needs to be broken into smaller pieces to make it easier to remove, but you won’t feel any pain. A small piece of gauze is placed to control bleeding as the healing process begins. 

In the case of an impacted wisdom tooth, an incision must be made into the gum tissue to gain access to the tooth. Removing an impacted tooth sometimes requires a bit more effort, and the gum tissue may need to be closed with sutures to enhance healing.

It’s important to closely follow all post-procedure instructions after having a tooth extracted. A small blood clot develops in the empty tooth socket, and dislodging this clot can complicate recovery.

If you’d like more information, schedule an appointment at EZE Dental online or over the phone today.