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Do you need to replace all of your missing teeth at one time? A custom full or partial denture provides an efficient and affordable solution. Dentures are custom-designed to your unique mouth, making it possible to enjoy individual results at a price point that fits your lifestyle.

Dr. George Okoro also offers an implant-stabilized option as well as All-on-4 treatment for our patients who qualify.

Are Dentures Covered by Insurance?

Typically, yes. Depending on your individual insurance policy, benefits can range from 50% to 100% coverage on a custom denture.

Regardless of your coverage, we also provide flexible financing options. You can budget an affordable monthly amount without having to delay your treatment.

 Full Dentures (“Plates”)

A traditional, full denture covers your entire arch and rests directly against your gum tissues. If it’s an upper denture, the “plate” will also cover the roof of your mouth for added stability.

Dentures provide the most affordable option for quick tooth replacement. As such, they tend to be preferred by our patients who are working with a tighter budget or time frame. Dr. Okoro will review all of the options available with you so that you can make an educated choice about the best route of care for your smile’s needs.

 Partial Dentures

A partial can be made of a plastic or metal base. Metal is stronger, but some people prefer the plastic if some of the clasps will be visible when they’re smiling.

The advantage of a partial is that we can preserve the healthy teeth you still have, instead of extracting them. Partials simply snap into place around your remaining teeth to fill in the gaps of the ones that are missing.

 All-on-4 (Fixed Dentures)

All-on-4 treatments are a hybrid treatment that features a streamlined arch design that doesn’t cover the roof of your mouth. Instead, a “U” shaped appliance spans the contour of your normal bite and rests directly on top of dental implants. The slimmer design is both more comfortable and easier to eat with. And since it’s attached to implants, it doesn’t slip or move out of place. It’s not removable at all.

All-on-4 options are ideal for people who don’t want to wear a removable denture or have a “plate” that covers the roof of their mouth.

DENTURES diagram

Unfortunately, dentures are not an option for everyone. If you have extensive bone resorption (shrinkage) due to past tooth loss, it may be difficult to create a denture that fits comfortably and securely. Careful adjustments, bone grafting or dental implant therapy can help to ensure a successful experience.

The occlusion (biting relationship) between your upper and lower dentures or teeth is also of the utmost importance. Adjusting pressure points and biting patterns can help to ensure that your denture performs and fits as comfortably as possible.

Adjusting to a traditional full denture can take a bit of time and practice. Due to the larger size of the prosthesis, speaking and eating in the first several days will take a dose of patience. Practicing various speech patterns in the mirror, cutting foods up into smaller bites and sticking to a softer diet can help.

The better you tend to your removable prosthesis, the longer it will last. Many of our patients successfully maintain their dentures for as long as 10 years. Typically, dental insurance plans cover denture replacement as frequently as every five years. Make sure not to use your dentures to bite into any non-food items, open packages or ever set them within reach of pets.

It’s vital that you remove your denture each night before going to sleep. Not only does this step help to alleviate the risk of infection, but it also provides a bit of rest for your supporting bone (so that it does not resorb prematurely.)

Soak your denture or partial in an effervescent denture cleaning solution overnight. Take care not to use any hot water, as high temperatures can cause permanent warping in the acrylic. The next morning, brush your prosthesis to remove loose buildup and then rinse it thoroughly. After removing your denture and before putting it back into your mouth, clean your mouth with a clean cloth or extra-soft toothbrush.

Occasional adjustments or relines are sometimes necessary. Bring your denture in during your regular checkup to have it evaluated.

Planning, designing and fitting a denture requires an extensive amount of detail. From the depth of your site to the midline alignment, multiple details come into play.

From the first impression to the final delivery of your prosthesis, about 4-5 total appointments are required. Fortunately, they can be completed in about a month total. These brief evaluations, try-ins and impression visits ensure your denture fits and performs as best as possible.

All of our denture services include up to five complimentary adjustments following the delivery of your final prosthesis.

 Custom Dentures and Partials

Find out if our dentures are right for you. Dental implant options are also available. Contact EZE Dental in Largo today to schedule an exam.


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